O bureau

The Bureau

Established in Rio de Janeiro in 1975 by the lawmaker and Attorney of the State of Guanabara, Ivan Przewodowski, the Bureau Przewodowski Advocacia “BPA”, based in the City of Rio de Janeiro, downtown, and with a branch in Barra da Tijuca and partnerships across the country, Latin America, USA, Europe and Africa, operates in several areas of law, obtaining, along over the 40 years, the excellence in providing legal advice on national and international levels.

Our Concept

Since 1975, BPA’s foundation year, we operate under the concept of differentiated service implemented by Ivan Przewodowski: the customer is unique. The service is exclusive. In this way, BPA always brought in its essence the concept of “boutique” law firm, providing through its highly specialized lawyers and consultants, refined legal advice, paying exclusive, special and customized attention to each of their customers.

Our History

A little bit about our history

  • 1895

    Rooted in the region of Przewodoro, a county in the centre region of Poland, the Przewodowski family decides to head to the West in 1895, escaping from the Russian Tsars who dominate Poland from 1815 to 1867.

  • 1910

    Part of this traditional Polish family settled in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Here Oscar Przewodowski was born.

    A young scholar driven by curiosity, Oscar Przewodowski graduates in idioms, becoming a Latin teacher of the highest repute. Restless, Oscar Przewodowski decides to study Law and is delighted with this new world unfolding.

  • 1931

    Oscar Przewodowski become one of the most admired legal scientists of his time, forming opinions with several written legal works such as Civitas Gentivm or a Republica Universal (Universal Republic) in 1931.

    In the mid-30s, Oscar Przewodowski becomes professor of the National School of Law and was then the International Law study precursor in Brazil, leaving his mark through timeless and avant-garde legal work as O Secular XVII no Sue Sent do Jurídico-internacional: (The XVII Century in its Legal and International Direction) o Advento do Direito Internacional, (the Advent of International Law) in 1941 and Direito Público Internacional, (International Public Law) in 1954.

  • 1944

    Much admired by the lawmakers of his time, Oscar Przewodowski became a strong reference in legal sciences and was honored with a traditional street in Niterói named after him as well as the forum in the city of Duque de Caxias. Parallel to the excellence achieved in the academic world, Oscar Przewodowski provided legal advice. His opinions and consultations always excelled for the exclusivity and uniqueness of each client.

  • 1975

    In 1934, Oscar's nephew, Ivan Przewodowski is born.

    Ivan Przewodowski grows in an environment full of legal knowledge, not escaping from his roots, graduates as an attorney at the Federal Fluminense University, having in his uncle Oscar a mentor and an example. Ivan, recently graduated, provides contest and is established Prosecutor of the State of Guanabara. Inheriting the restless and curious soul of his uncle Oscar, Ivan then decides to open its own law firm. Thus, in 1975, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, is born the Bureau Przewodowski.

  • 1998

    Naturally, Ivan Przewodowski implements the concept of service created by his uncle, based on the uniqueness of each client.

    Keeping alive the Przewodowski family tradition, Jan Przewodowski, reputable tax lawyer and son of Ivan Przewodowski, controls BPA with pride since 1998.

  • And our story goes on